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Working together with Alperton Community Group we brought a smile to residents faces in Wembley Central & Alperton. A novel idea to help residents through the Covid-19 crisis. It is particularly useful at a time when most garden centres are closed.

We were looking at different ways which will help keep spirits up during this extraordinary time for all of us. People are finding much solace in plants and nature at the moment and we hope this small gesture will help boost morale amongst our residents and also brighten up the front gardens, streets and surroundings around us. Here are snaps from the big day yesterday.

Dear Neighbours. - important Announcement from Metropolitan Police

As a result of the Covid-19 Lockdown there have been major changes to the crime trends. Due to the fact that most people are at home all day the burglars appear to have been put off. Different areas are seeing reductions of varying amounts. This is brilliant news - but with all good news comes bad!

There has been a substantial increase in online scams. These vary from taking your money for PPE that is non-existent to taking your LIFE SAVINGS!! So please please check, check and double check the authenticity of all Internet sites prior to submitting or committing to parting with any credit card or bank details. If you are uncertain, please contact your local safer neighbourhood officers who will be more than happy to advise you.

PLEASE do this BEFORE you become a victim.

Due to the interruption in the supply chain of drugs the dealers have lost their income and I doubt they will be entitled to Furlough! So it appears that they are trying to top up their loss of income by committing vehicle crime. Mainly theft from motor vehicles. So please ensure that you do not leave ANY valuables in your car and always lock your car. Thieves will try hundreds of door handles throughout the day and night, they are mostly looking for the loose change in the centre console but will take anything else that they see.

Stay Safe everyone

Best Regards

First of all I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well and haven't been effected too much during this challenging time.

To support you during this difficult time, we have a number of volunteers who are providing essential support including shopping trips, medicine collection, hospital drops of essential items and friendly calls for those who need to self isolate and the vulnerable. Some of you have signed up to this great community work - a Big Thank you.

We have also been working with Alperton Community Group (Covid19 support volunteers) and collectively we are looking at number of different ways which will keep spirits up and help our mental health during this extraordinary time for all of us.

One such project we are proposing, is "Blossom 2020". The project will involve providing free bedding plants to residents in the area. This will help boost morale and also brighten up our front gardens, streets and surroundings around us.

WCARA committee has agreed to part fund this project and are now welcoming donations, large and small from residents and businesses. The money will go towards buying bedding plants from a wholesaler which we can give to residents.

At this difficult time, we want to do all we can to support the community and we believe this is a great idea to make that little bit of difference to us all.

Dear Residents,

As you know the corona virus can live on surfaces for many hours and anyone can pass on the infection not knowing that they are infected. If we are being asked to 'sneeze into tissues, bin them immediately and then wash our hands' surely people should also be asked to stop spitting or if they do spit that they also spit into a tissue, bin it immediately and wash their hands afterwards.

We have written to Cllr Sheth, Cabinet member for Environment at Brent Council to understand Brent Council plans to tackle this problem urgently.

We ask paan sellers to show responsibility by educating their customers on health and safety impact of this spitting on rest of the community.
We live in extraordinary times, and everyone's priority is to both ensure family and individual well-being and think about the larger public health in these difficult times! It is inevitable that people in our community will be impacted directly or indirectly by Covid-19 (Cornoa Virus). The latest health advice is available on the NHS Website.

If any household has to self isolate, please do not feel you are helpless in terms of getting support. WCARA has a network of WhatsAPP groups who have joined forces to support those who need to self isolate. The support can involve buying shopping, picking up medication and even offer friendly phone calls for those in isolation.

WhatsApp groups currently exists on Scarle Road, Lancelot Road, Lancelot Crescent, Bowrons Avenue, Lincoln Road, Thurlby Road, Bassingham Road, Queen Victoria Avenue, Braemer Avenue, Lyon Park Avenue, Carlyon Road, Carlyon Close. It is easy to set-up with some basic guidelines for those who wish to create one. WCARA can guide other roads who want to set-up a similar group.

I hear many of you shouting, but we're not on WhatsApp! In which case, please feel free to call on 07956 228740 for help and guidance. We have limited capacity to support those in need, we will do our best!

Ladies & Gents, Whilst majority of us want to do the right thing and help those in need, there will be someone out there looking to take advantage of this crisis. This morning I was forwarded a text message alerting me of some individuals offering corona virus tests at your door step. There is no such thing, these were crooks trying to con their way into someones home! At this time, please be alert about such practices.
Thank you and please prioritise staying healthy...Start typing your update here
We urge every resident in Wembley & Alperton to send comments to Telford Homes regarding the proposal to develop the bus garage to another development comprising of 500 homes.

WCARA continues to provide input into planning applications especially with regards to the junction of Ealing Road where we will have several major developments including Alperton House, Lidl and now Alperton Bus garage.

We cannot cope with more development without proper investment in the local services that residents need!
Existing road network cannot cope with 1000s of new homes without having impact on neighbouring roads.

If you would like to learn more about the development, you can call on 0800 307 7645 or Email

Alternatively, Telford Homes are also holding a public exhibition where you can provide your views to help shape the developing plans. This will be held at Brent Play Association, Northwick Road, Wembley, HA0 1LG on

Thursday 12 March, 14:00 – 20:00
Saturday 14 March, 10:00 – 14:00


Picture: Councillor Krupa Sheth, Brent Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “The council is doing everything it can to pick up the dumped rubbish but I know residents would prefer it was not dumped there in the first place. We are fed up with fly-tippers thinking they can get away with dumping rubbish on our streets and we need your help to identify the culprits.”

Brent Council has a new weapon in the fight against grime crime i to catch people selfishly spoiling some of the borough’s streets for everyone else.

Responding to residents' anger, that devious dumpers are not playing by the rules, the council is set to release CCTV images of people carrying out grime crimes, like fly tipping, along with a public appeal to identify them.

The council is launched the latest phase of the #lovewhereyoulive campaign on St Valentine’s Day, with hard-hitting ‘WANTED’ posters, which could leave litterlouts red-faced and out of pocket.

If the culprits are not identified by the posters, the enviro-crime images will go online on a monthly basis so they reach a wider audience. Once an offender is identified, the council will do everything possible to ensure they are taken to court where they face an unlimited fine or prison sentence.

If you see someone you know doing something they should not, email Brent anonymously by emailing or calling 020 8937 4994. Information provided by residents will be treated in strict confidence.
Courtesy of Brent Council - Author CG
Brent Council’s Public Health Team and the Brent CCG would like to invite you to the FREE Health and Wellbeing Fair taking place on Friday 20 March 2020 from 11am-6pm at Bridge Park Community Leisure Centre, Stonebridge, NW10 0RG.

What you can expect…
  • To have fun!
  • Food stalls and pop-up cafes
  • Entertainment from Ashford Place Choir and the Raunchy Rascals dance group
  • Diabetes screening
  • Learn new skills to improve your wellbeing, such as how to use digital apps and more
  • Activities such as exercise taster sessions, plant potting and needlework - so come and try something you have never done before!
  • There will also be a number of interactive information stalls providing information about different health and wellbeing services on offer in Brent, hosted by:
  • NHS
  • Cancer Research UK
  • Thrive LDN
  • Sickle Cell Society
  • Terrence Higgins Trust
  • New Beginnings
  • Twining Enterprise
  • Orchid
  • Brent CCG
  • CommUNITY Barnet
  • Ashford Place
  • Brent Housing
  • Step Up Hub
  • Health Watch
  • Brent Libraries

And more!

The fair will be for residents of all ages so there will be something there for everyone! Sign-up for a FREE ticket today to secure your place and if you have any questions about the event, please contact
Dear Residents,

Hope you all had a relaxing festive break with family and friends. I wish you and your family a healthy and happy New Year.

As you may be aware a by-election will take place in the Brent electoral wards of Barnhill, Wembley Central and Alperton on Thursday 23 January 2020, This is following the resignation of four Councillors. Further details on resignations were reported by Harrow Times in December.

There are two vacancies in our wards, one in Alperton and one in Wembley Central. I want to take the opportunity to highlight this very important local election and why it matters to us all:

1) Brent Council decides how much council tax we pay. The council tax bill for a band D property in Brent in 2019-20 is £1582.85 and band E is £1934.59. This was nearly a 6% increase on the previous year.

2) The Council spend a lot of your money - money is spent on education, social services, including elderly care, rubbish collection, flytipping, the police as well as council staff.

3) Small things that bug us are the responsibility of the council. Pothole and damaged pavements of which there are plenty! 2586 pot holes were apparently repaired in the last year by Brent council.

4) Brent Council is responsible for setting policies in how often our streets are swept, waste collection, litter, fly-tipping and also large items (furniture) collection.

5) Brent Council is also generally responsible for parking regulation and enforcement.

6) What Wembley Central & Alperton will look like in five to ten years' time - or sooner, is to some extent determined by Brent Council. They are responsible for strategic planning, such as where housing should be built. The council also rule on planning applications including the many recent high rises we have seen propping up all over Wembley Central & Alperton. Brent Council has a say and approves them.

The following candidates will stand in the two wards.

Alperton Ward

Anton Georgiou - Liberal Democrat Party
Chetan Harpale - Labour Party
Andrew James Edward Linnie - Green Party
Harmit Anil Vyas - Conservative party

Wembley Central

Sai Karthik Madabhushi - Conservative Party
Jyotshna Patel - Liberal Democrat Party
William Kent Relton - Green Party
Sonia Shah - Labour Party

WCARA remains independent and does not support any political party or individual. However, I am pleased we have some local residents standing in the election on this occasion, which should help focus on things that matter to us. We will work with newly elected councillors to ensure your voice is heard.

As candidates knock on your door in the coming days, ask them how they will represent you and your families, what solutions they have for the issues we have in Wembley Central & Alperton, and what they will do differently to champion the cause for us residents. This election is about real community democracy in which we want to see clear and innovative solutions for the many problems we see in our two wards.

Remember local policies affect us on a daily basis, this is an opportunity to make your voice heard. Please make sure you cast your vote on Thursday 23rd January.

Best Regards
Chirag - Chair