Latest news from WCARA


WCARA continues to work with Council officials to tackle Litter & Fly-tipping in the area. Many of us use Brent Cleaner App to report rubbish which is cleared by Brent & Veolia crews. This of course means that the culprits get away with it and the next day the litter and flytip is back again.

What we need to do is catch the culprits who often leave evidence behind.

Stephan, WCARA Committee member has been working closely with Cllr Sonia Shah, our Labour Councillor in Wembley Central to identify and report fly-tips and to date we have had some success. Stephan has found evidence ( Time, location, image) and sent this to Cllr Shah who acted quickly by sending this vital evidence to Enforcement Officers at Brent Council. The enforcement officers attended the site and were able to confirm evidence issuing a penalty to offenders.

This was great example of co-ordination by residents and council officials to act swiftly Of course this is just one example of many where we are working with Brent Council to tackle this awful and disgusting behaviour by some of our residents. We will all have to work together to achieve this collective problem.

I want to stress that we do not encourage residents to put themselves at risk by challenging fly-tippers or rummaging through fly-tips to look for evidence. Please be cautious, this is problem we need to deal with but I do not want anyone hurt or injured dealing with this.