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Since lockdown began, gardens have taken on a whole new purpose - as a space for physical activity and mindfulness. One of the largest studies to date on gardens and gardening, by National Institute for Health Research, found that people who spent time in the garden report better physical and mental health levels than those who do not. The study showed the benefits of gardening were similar to the difference in health between the wealthiest and the poorest people in the country.

Back in April, WCARA Committee Member @Niketa came with an idea to give bedding plants to the old and vulnerable in the area. Blossom 2020 brought many smiles across what was an extremely difficult time for us. Fast forward couple of months, we held our first ever best garden completion and then @Kay also WCARA Committe member founded a local gardening club where we could share ideas, plants and get together at the right time. WCARA proudly held its first get together, thanks to Friends of Barham Library who hosted us today.

To join WCARA Informal gardening club use this link —>
No experience needed, not even a garden! Come and join the fun.