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Lyon Park Avenue Railway Bridge Footpath:

A couple of weeks ago Trevor Gaskin and Kay Carroll from WCARA met with Cllr Anton Georgiou, our Liberal Democrat Councillor for Alperton to discuss our concerns regarding litter, fly tipped rubbish, illegal street drinking and the maintenance of the actual railway bridge - by chance 3 local police officers were patrolling and shared with us their frustration regarding the state of the area and suggested that CCTV would help - as a result we jointly contacted Brent Council seeking to get these matters addressed.

A lot of the rubbish has now been cleared and Brent Council have contacted Network Rail asking for a full inspection and repairs to the bridge.

Earlier today Kay Carroll from WCARA had an on-site follow up meeting with Tony Martin our local Neighbourhood Manager at Brent Council, Cllr Anton Georgiou and Peter Gonos from Veolia to discuss what more can be achieved.

We'd like to say a big "thank you' to Sunil from Veolia, who was very diligently sweeping the footpath and then did an amazing job picking out all the beer cans and alcohol bottles from under the steps at the bottom of the bridge, he filled 3 bags with litter from that spot alone.

Veolia will be cleaning the area more regularly and once the piece of land behind the fence is fully clear of rubbish we are hoping Brent Council will support us with an idea to create a community allotment on that site.

We have also asked Brent Council to work with our local police team regarding the anti-social behaviour and to install CCTV cameras in the footpath and all across the railway bridge.

If we get the CCTV, keep the area tidy and use the piece of land we could deter the on-going anti social behaviour.

Hopefully local residents will support us in our efforts to improve this area.