Latest news from WCARA

Residents have contacted WCARA recently regarding the overgrowth in our parks and verges . We did wonder whether Brent Council had forgotten to pay the bills to the contractors for maintaining our parks. When we reached out to Chris Whyte, Operational Director, Environment Services at Brent Council, he updated us on a change in policy:

The council revised its grass cutting policy last year in order to reduce the cost of that particular operation. Grass is now allowed to grow between 100mm and 300mm rather than the previous 40mm. This is more natural and so also improves the biodiversity of Brent.

This has seen certain areas in parks across Brent turned into wildflower meadows, letting the grass grow in order to create wildlife havens; reducing CO2 emissions, and increasing biodiversity.

The size of each wildlife meadow varies depending on the size of the park, and all parks retain some areas that will be kept maintained in a traditional way.

We are in two minds about this change in policy. It appears that every answer to Brent's problems comes down to cost cutting. No doubtwe will see footpaths turn into cricket pitches over the summer months, whilst some of our neighbours will take advantage of dumping waste in overgrowth. On the flip-side, we see the benefit of the meadows and the biodiversity this brings to an area where Brent have approved high rise buildings without consideration to its current residents and infrastructure. We will be keeping a close eye on this over the summer months as of yesterday my 300mm ruler does differ to the one owned by Brent Council.