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WCARA is an independent, non-affiliated and non-political residents’ association. We do not endorse any politician or party. However, we believe it’s important for you to be aware of the Local elections are taking place in London Borough of Brent on Thursday 3 May. To vote in a local council election you must be registered to vote, 18 years old or over on polling day, and be one of the following:
  1. A British citizen, a qualifying Commonwealth citizen, or a citizen of the European Union
  2. Resident in the UK
  3. Not be subject to any legal incapacity to vote
The local elections on Thursday 3 May are for you to choose who represents you on your local council. Brent Council is responsible for the following areas: Council housing, Education services, Electoral registration, Environmental health, Leisure and recreation facilities, Libraries, Local planning. Local transport, Parks and public places, Regulation of local business, Roads and footpaths, Social services, Waste and recycling.

As politicians’ canvas for your vote, do ask them how they intend to work for the area. It’s important that we exercise our right to vote and hold the elected politicians to account.
Alperton Ward Candidates Wembley Central Candidates
Allie, James Borbour - Labour Party Bewis, Adin Jack - Conservative Party
Appiah Fordjour, George - Conservative Party Brown, Valerie Lydia - Liberal Democrat Party
Brown, Daniel Edward - Liberal Democrat Party Butcher, Lacey Eve - Conservative Party
Chohan, Bhagwanji Hari - Labour & Cooperative Party Fergusson, George - Conservative Party
Chowdhury, Shamin Ahmed - Conservative Party Mitchell-Murray, Whielmina Castila - Labour Party
Johnson, David Clement - Liberal Democrat Party Patel, Jyosthna - Liberal Democrats Party
Kerr, James William - Liberal Democrat Party Patel, Rohan Bharat - Green Party
Linne, Andrew James Edward - Green Party Patterson, Luke - Labour Party
Patel, Vikas - Conservative Party Sheth, Krupa - Labour Party
Sangani, Trupti - Labout & Cooperative Party Wharton, Robert - Liberal Democrat Party

CG Chair