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The great outdoors and the natural world have long been associated with good mental health and wellbeing. For those living in urban areas, gardens and open spaces can be a refuge to help people maintain good emotional wellbeing.

This was what many people in Alperton expressed at the Alperton Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Forum in May 2021. The event – part of the Brent Health Matters programme to address health inequality issues in the borough – brought together council and health services with community organisations and residents.

Together the group formed ideas on how to create greater emotional resilience, expand knowledge of local services and support those with mental health difficulties within Alperton.

One of the key issues raised was a lack of safe spaces where the community could gather to interact with one another and feel comfortable talking about mental health. Coupled with the benefits of nature, the idea for a community garden was formed and we now have a small pilot for our residents of Alperton & Wembley Central. We look forward to growing vegetables for our community members.

We were joined by Council officials and residents to promote this much needed initiative: