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Dear Neighbours. - important Announcement from Metropolitan Police

As a result of the Covid-19 Lockdown there have been major changes to the crime trends. Due to the fact that most people are at home all day the burglars appear to have been put off. Different areas are seeing reductions of varying amounts. This is brilliant news - but with all good news comes bad!

There has been a substantial increase in online scams. These vary from taking your money for PPE that is non-existent to taking your LIFE SAVINGS!! So please please check, check and double check the authenticity of all Internet sites prior to submitting or committing to parting with any credit card or bank details. If you are uncertain, please contact your local safer neighbourhood officers who will be more than happy to advise you.

PLEASE do this BEFORE you become a victim.

Due to the interruption in the supply chain of drugs the dealers have lost their income and I doubt they will be entitled to Furlough! So it appears that they are trying to top up their loss of income by committing vehicle crime. Mainly theft from motor vehicles. So please ensure that you do not leave ANY valuables in your car and always lock your car. Thieves will try hundreds of door handles throughout the day and night, they are mostly looking for the loose change in the centre console but will take anything else that they see.

Stay Safe everyone

Best Regards