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Dear Neighbours, some important advise from Safer Neighbourhood Teams:

Always be on your guard when anyone you’re not expecting turns up at your door. An honest face or good story can hide a trick to get into your home.

Although the vast majority of people who call at your door will be legitimate, there have been incidents where bogus callers have successfully entered people’s homes under false pretences and stolen from them.
When someone knocks at the door, stop and think:-

•Are you expecting anyone?

•Ensure that your back door is always closed when answering the front door. Caller’s intent on gaining access to your property may be working in pairs – whilst one distracts you at your front door the other may be trying to enter your property via the back.
•If someone is claiming to be from a company remember to ask what it is they are there for.
•Always ask for an ID or any associated paperwork – get them to pass these through the letterbox as at this point you should still have your door closed.
•If you have any doubt you should ring the company they say they are from independently. Never ring the number given by the caller but instead locate it from another source, e.g. phonebook or directory enquiries.
•Anyone claiming to work for the Metropolitan Police Service will have a warrant card and can be confirmed by calling 101.
If you have a vulnerable member of your family, friend or neighbour you can help prevent this happening to them by not only sharing this information with them, but by also keeping in regular contact with them checking in on them to see how they are doing.

Help maintain their house so it does not attract attention. Check they have good quality locks on their doors and windows, and make sure that their money is in the bank - not in the house.

Don’t let your relative or friend fall victim of the conmen! Help them protect themselves!