Public Meeting - Update

Dear Residents,

WCARA's first public meeting on 19 March 2018 was attended by over 140 resident . It was successful in bringing together residents, Councillors, Brent officials and the police to focus on local issues of concern. The Association was formally launched with the Committee elected and the Constitution adopted. The Minutes are available as a PDF document on the link below.


We are keen to keep up the momentum. The Committee held a follow up meeting on 28 March and, as a first step, is meeting the Council on 24 April regarding One Tree Hill Open Space. The next full Committee meeting is on 8 May.

We will keep residents informed of developments on the Website and by email and newsletter.

We will also be posting contact details for the Council and Police so that you know where to send information/complaints. We can also raise issues on your behalf. Please send details to

Open to ALL residents of Wembley Central & Alperton.

We welcome ALL residents to join WCARA. The local community can be much stronger working together to improve our local area – more effective in raising concerns with council officers/elected politicians, more able to hold them to account.

For the residents, by the residents