Keep Wembley Tidy

Keep Wembley Tidy (KWT) Action Group is a voluntary and non-political organisation that aims to encourage our community, including Schools, Places of worship and the shops in Ealing Road & Wembley High Road to work together for a cleaner, greener, safer area in which to live.

We are ALL residents of Wembley Central & Alperton and working together with Brent Council to clear the fly-tipping and littering problems in the area.

We are frustrated, upset and devastated at what some residents of Wembley Central & Alperton are now doing to our area. The fly tipping and littering of our streets has to be stopped. However, despite the presence of signs which are designed to deter people from littering and fly tipping, these people appear to be ignoring these warnings, and it has reached a point where we can no longer stand for it. We welcome all residents who care about where they live. We want to expand our reach to every road in Wembley Central & Alperton and looking for volunteers to help spread the good work.

Our Mission is simply to stop the unncessary dumping of domestic waste and littering on our roads. Here is our 5 point plan to address the problem:

  1. We call on Brent Council to put in place measures which prevent rubbish being dumped on our streets and to fully publicise what these measures are.
  2. We call on Brent Council to strongly enforce existing laws and regulations against those who litter, those who dump rubbish/fly-tip and those who do not manage their waste properly on private land.
  3. We call on Brent Council to raise awareness of this problem, stressing that it will no longer be tolerated, through an education program including posters and leafleting, whilst engaging with local landlords, businesses, schools, colleges and places of worship.
  4. We call on Brent Council to pro-actively combat the effects of recent multi-occupancy housing on the existing local community. Each landlord licence would generate £400 per property. This income must be invested to regulate and enforce regulations.
  5. We call on Brent Council to issue financial penalties against Veolia where the service fails to meet the required standard.