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We live in extraordinary times, and everyone's priority is to both ensure family and individual well-being and think about the larger public health in these difficult times! It is inevitable that people in our community will be impacted directly or indirectly by Covid-19 (Cornoa Virus). The latest health advice is available on the NHS Website.

If any household has to self isolate, please do not feel you are helpless in terms of getting support. WCARA has a network of WhatsAPP groups who have joined forces to support those who need to self isolate. The support can involve buying shopping, picking up medication and even offer friendly phone calls for those in isolation.

WhatsApp groups currently exists on Scarle Road, Lancelot Road, Lancelot Crescent, Bowrons Avenue, Lincoln Road, Thurlby Road, Bassingham Road, Queen Victoria Avenue, Braemer Avenue, Lyon Park Avenue, Carlyon Road, Carlyon Close. It is easy to set-up with some basic guidelines for those who wish to create one. WCARA can guide other roads who want to set-up a similar group.

I hear many of you shouting, but we're not on WhatsApp! In which case, please feel free to call on 07956 228740 for help and guidance. We have limited capacity to support those in need, we will do our best!

Ladies & Gents, Whilst majority of us want to do the right thing and help those in need, there will be someone out there looking to take advantage of this crisis. This morning I was forwarded a text message alerting me of some individuals offering corona virus tests at your door step. There is no such thing, these were crooks trying to con their way into someones home! At this time, please be alert about such practices.
Thank you and please prioritise staying healthy...Start typing your update here