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Dear Residents,

Hope you all had a relaxing festive break with family and friends. I wish you and your family a healthy and happy New Year.

As you may be aware a by-election will take place in the Brent electoral wards of Barnhill, Wembley Central and Alperton on Thursday 23 January 2020, This is following the resignation of four Councillors. Further details on resignations were reported by Harrow Times in December.

There are two vacancies in our wards, one in Alperton and one in Wembley Central. I want to take the opportunity to highlight this very important local election and why it matters to us all:

1) Brent Council decides how much council tax we pay. The council tax bill for a band D property in Brent in 2019-20 is £1582.85 and band E is £1934.59. This was nearly a 6% increase on the previous year.

2) The Council spend a lot of your money - money is spent on education, social services, including elderly care, rubbish collection, flytipping, the police as well as council staff.

3) Small things that bug us are the responsibility of the council. Pothole and damaged pavements of which there are plenty! 2586 pot holes were apparently repaired in the last year by Brent council.

4) Brent Council is responsible for setting policies in how often our streets are swept, waste collection, litter, fly-tipping and also large items (furniture) collection.

5) Brent Council is also generally responsible for parking regulation and enforcement.

6) What Wembley Central & Alperton will look like in five to ten years' time - or sooner, is to some extent determined by Brent Council. They are responsible for strategic planning, such as where housing should be built. The council also rule on planning applications including the many recent high rises we have seen propping up all over Wembley Central & Alperton. Brent Council has a say and approves them.

The following candidates will stand in the two wards.

Alperton Ward

Anton Georgiou - Liberal Democrat Party
Chetan Harpale - Labour Party
Andrew James Edward Linnie - Green Party
Harmit Anil Vyas - Conservative party

Wembley Central

Sai Karthik Madabhushi - Conservative Party
Jyotshna Patel - Liberal Democrat Party
William Kent Relton - Green Party
Sonia Shah - Labour Party

WCARA remains independent and does not support any political party or individual. However, I am pleased we have some local residents standing in the election on this occasion, which should help focus on things that matter to us. We will work with newly elected councillors to ensure your voice is heard.

As candidates knock on your door in the coming days, ask them how they will represent you and your families, what solutions they have for the issues we have in Wembley Central & Alperton, and what they will do differently to champion the cause for us residents. This election is about real community democracy in which we want to see clear and innovative solutions for the many problems we see in our two wards.

Remember local policies affect us on a daily basis, this is an opportunity to make your voice heard. Please make sure you cast your vote on Thursday 23rd January.

Best Regards
Chirag - Chair