Do you need help from Brent Council & Police?

Many residents at the public meeting asked for contact details of Brent Officials & Safer Neighbourhood Teams. We encourage you to read the useful links first before reaching out to the officials as some of your questions can be answered directly on the Brent Council website and may save you time waiting for a response to your emails. If you do email or contact Brent or the police we also encourage you to copy us on so that we can track the queries.

What help do you need? How can they help ? Useful Links Contact Details
Damaged pavements, potholes, anti-social behaviour, litter and fly-tipping hotspots. Neighbourhood managers have been brought in to work with local residents and businesses to identify and resolve local issues, particularly illegal rubbish dumping.

Tony is our first point of contact through to Brent Council to identify who can help us with issues we see in the area.
Brent Council News on Neighbourhood Managers Tony Martin - Wembley Central & Alperton Neighbourhood Manager:

Burglary/Assault/Violance For emergencies call 999. Non emergency it is 101
Each ward has a dedicated Safer Neighbourhood Team.

The police also provide excellent advice on crime prevention.

If I can draw your attention to the voice your concerns section for each area, which allows you the residents to vote for the issues we want the police to focus on.
Wembley Safer Neighbour Hood Team

Alperton Safer Neighbourhood Team

Crime Prevention Advice
Twitter page for Wembley Central is @MPSWembleyCentl and @MPSAlperton and where the police regularly post crime prevention advice on there.
Litter & Fly-Tipping Are you aware of Brent Cleaner App? This app allows you to submit a report including location and add pictures within 2 minutes . The report will be picked up by Veolia who will collect the fly-tip.

If you see someone dump rubbish or throw litter, our advice is not to challenge them. However do take note of evidence including date/time/what the person looked like and if you know the where they live - note the address. Pass these details onto waste enforcement email id listed on this page and ask for a reference number so this can be followed
Brent Council on reporting Illegally dumped rubbish

Brent Cleaner App
Dennis Lewis
Landlords & Tenants
Did you know that all privately rented properties in Brent need to be licensed to protect tenants as well as landlords?

Landlords - there are big fines if you are not registered.

Tenants - you have rights, if you are unsure if your rented home is registered you can find out how in the link provided. If you feel uncomfortable to report your landlord, contact us on We will check and register the complain on your behalf.
Information from Brent Council on Private Rented homes Spencer Randolph - Head of Private Housing
Anti-Social Behaviour including on-street alcohol drinking, paan spitting, alcohol consumption. Useful information on services provided by Local Neighbour Teams and Brent Council on Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour Information from Brent Council on Crime and Community Safety Simon Egbor - Anti-Social Behaviour Manager
Have you wondered why council have removed many mature trees in our area?
There are often good reasons. Gary will be able to advise why.

Is your property impacted by an overgrown tree which is owned and managed by Brent? Does the tree need pruning?
Useful information from Brent of on maintenance of trees, hedges and grass. Information from Brent Council on Trees, Hedges and Grass maintenance Gary Rimmer - Trees Officer